Why Are Bb Creams Your Great Allies At This Time?

Why Are Bb Creams Your Great Allies At This Time?

It is not a concealer, nor a colored cream, nor is a moisturizing treatment, the Bb Creams are more of a balm that is used to correct spots, wrinkles and small skin imperfections. It also removes shine and gives a little luminosity, that is, it is everything you are looking for in a single cream. 

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm, which we could translate as a balm for imperfections. And it is a great ally for moments like these, in which we have been confined for many days, we have cleaned our face of chemicals and makeup, and we want to put on something that is not as strong as a makeup base, but that helps us give it vitality to our skin.

At Korean cosmetics, we trust in good makeup, perfect coverage and the power of the BB Cream. We are talking about competition to traditional foundations because this cream is really a success thanks to its value for money and its multiple benefits and properties for skin care.

These types of tinted moisturizers are usually indicated for young skin that only needs minor corrections. The BB Cream has a finer, lighter and more fluid texture than ordinary makeup bases. In addition, experts recommend it for dry skin because it provides color and hydration at the same time, gives light and reinforces the feeling of fresh skin, as well as a natural finish, and best of all, it usually incorporates sun protection filters.

It is precisely this last aspect that gives it a differentiating and fundamental characteristic and one of the main reasons for its fame, because at the same time that we make up the skin we are treating and caring for it. It is a treatment that works while it is in contact with the complexion, so continuous use of MISSHA – M Perfect Covering BB Cream will be improving the quality of our skin.

Today there are BB Creams created for every need such as hiding blemishes, wrinkles, pores, oily skin… so as consumers we only have to choose the one that treats the problem that our skin needs. As makeup, you will notice that its texture is finer than that of a normal makeup base and that its finish is much more natural.

It is important not to confuse them with the CC Cream, which emerged later, after the boom of the BB Cream, in this case the acronym CC means “Color Correcting”, or what is the same: color correction, in other words, they add more coverage to the skin and improve its tone.

Benefits of BB Cream

As we were saying, it is not only important to know what BB Cream is, you must also take into account all the benefits it can bring to your skin to decide to buy it.

Moisturizing BB Cream

Why is BB Cream a tinted moisturizer? This product has extracts, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other compounds that help care for and moisturize your skin, revitalizing it and unifying its tone. Unlike other makeup base products that, to perform all these functions, require the application of other pre-base products.

BB cream sun protection

When we look for what BB Cream is, we know that it is a product with many beneficial properties, and one of them is, without a doubt, its sun protection. If your skin is sensitive to the sun, a BB Cream with high sun protection or factor 50 will help prevent your skin from suffering.

BB Cream foundation

Why is a BB Cream a good makeup base? It really does act like it even though it has less coverage than a traditional foundation. The BB Cream hides spots and imperfections that we want to cover, giving a very natural finish.

Additional benefits

Some BB Creams have a more specific effect such as anti-aging. These creams, in addition to all the above benefits, add rejuvenating action on your skin thanks to their components, be they vitamins, extracts, hyaluronic acid and many others.

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