Top Benefits of Using Small Magnetic Calendar in Real Estates

Top Benefits of Using Small Magnetic Calendar in Real Estates

Magnetic calendars are commonly used in real estate marketing. Each year brokers and real estate agents give away small magnetic calendars as a token of appreciation or gift to their coworkers, customers or family members. But have you thought why these calendars have remained so popular over these years? Simply put, they are still functional and let’s read on to learn the 4 benefits of using a small magnetic calendar in real estate.

Small magnetic calendars are handy enough to give a yearlong value and reciprocate your office space. If you can get your company logo printed on these calendars, the customers or prospects of your business will put them up on their refrigerators. 

Every time they’ll have a look at these calendars for any new date, they’ll look at your company logo. It’s one of the best ways to stay in your prospect’s eye. Therefore, whenever, next time they need information on any new property or check about increasing mortgage rates, you’ll be the first choice to contact. 

You have a wide choice of styles and designs to give your small magnetic calendar a unique look. Although there are many commonly available in online stores but buying them would not help you stand out of the crowd. 

To do so, it’s better that you hire any customized services that can translate your wild fantasies into small magnetic calendars. If you’re ordering in bulk, it will not cost you a dent in your pocket. Do not think of having them as a giveaway only, but they are the best way to brand your business voice. The more unique the selling proposition is, the more chances you’ll get a good inflow of customers. But make sure that the business you’re contacting for your small magnetic calendars offers designing services. In this way, you’ll get a one-stop solution on a budget.

You can make these calendars creative by adding some additional features you feel most customers ask for. Such as, you can have some entries listed on these small calendars to write any important phone numbers to be contacted during an emergency. This is the first thing anyone would want in their home. 

Inbound marketing could be hard, but once you’re over this hurdle, you’ll get amazing organic leads that can fill your profit cup in no time. Therefore, when anyone comes for a consultation, even if you’re not signing a deal with them, give them a free giveaway of this small magnetic calendar. The longer this stays in someone’s house they will remember you. 

Also, Placing these small magnetic calendars on all houses available in the market will leave your mark behind. People like to see different things; the more distinguishing it is, the more it will catch the eye of the visitor. 

Here are a few Tip to hire the right company for your small magnetic calendars

Choosing the right company is tricky, and you do not want to waste even a few bucks on an inexperienced dealer or quality. Therefore, go through these tips to make sure you avoid any pitfalls.

  • The company you hire offer you two free customized samples
  • The company has free consultation services
  • The company has a website with previously displayed customer feedback and their portfolio.
  • The company has no hidden payment policies.
  • The company has experience working in this field. 


The best way to look for unique small magnetic calendar designs is to look them up on Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of designs, or you can ask the company you choose for a bulk order to present you multiple designs to choose from them. 

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