The Reasons We Prefer Exterior Home Shades

The Reasons We Prefer Exterior Home Shades

There will be more time to enjoy the outdoors now that summer is just around the corner! Exterior patio blinds are definitely something to think about if you’re looking for ways to improve your outside area. Here are six reasons why we adore outside solar shades so much.

1.      Avoid The Glare

It is extremely healing to be outside. It is one of my all-time favorite locations. BUT being dazzled by the sun’s intense beams is the worst thing that can happen when you’re trying to unwind outside! Sunglasses are helpful, but they only go so far.

Glare and UV ray damage are both prevented by external patio coverings! You may regulate the amount of UV blockage by adjusting the material’s openness factor. Goodbye to furniture fading and eyesight, hello to a soothing shade!


Climate management outdoors is very worthwhile considering that summers occasionally reach triple digit temperatures. Material for solar screens has an absorption and radiation efficiency of 65 to 90%. How does this affect you? Less perspiration and more relaxation result from it! PLUS, there is the bonus of reducing energy bills.

3.      Maintain Your View

There are several opacities available for patiopatio shades outside. The cloth that is most in demand from us has a 3% openness and blocks 97% of UV rays from the sun. Despite the significant obstruction, the material is nevertheless permeable enough for you to keep an unobstructed view of the world outside the shadow.

 No one is looking through during the day, yet you can still see out. Installing an outside shade on the outside of a large picture window or even a back sliding door is another application that we love to suggest. The client needed something to reduce heat and glare but didn’t want to cover her enormous picture window. Wala!! The issue has been resolved!

4.      Motorization

Motorization enables simple and slick operation of outside shades. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic feature to display when entertaining! One remote can operate all the shades, regardless of how many there are.

5.      Block Wind (And Golf Balls:)

However, it does minimize wind getting through during the cold months, and the ShyZip product comes with a wind rating of 50-65 mph. The exterior home shades are generally not advised for fighting heavy winds or bad weather. To seal the edges and pull the cloth tight, this technique uses side tracks and a zipper mechanism.

6.      Boosts the Value of Your House

A broad variety of colors and styles are offered for external blinds. It attracts potential purchasers by expanding the area and improving the aesthetic of your home.


Darker shades generally reflect less light than lighter shades, making them easier to see through. Be mindful that if you have patio lights on behind the shade at night, others might be able to see through. By now, you should understand why external shades are fantastic! They are undoubtedly our favorites, and you can bet that we have them set up in our backyard.

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