LEGO Ninjago Movie Review

LEGO Ninjago Movie Review

The basic idea, always the same and unaltered, solid is granite, but flavored with dozens of different scenarios, conflicting narrative contexts. This is LEGO. Like the brands they hinted at, the world’s most famous brick-themed video games are based on very similar sets of mechanics and styles, updated slightly from time to time depending on the narrative context. They use best LEGO Ninjago sets, LEGO movie: Video Game fits perfectly into this licensed production series, clearly designed to ride the wave of the animated movie of the same name in our room right now.

Garmadon, I am your son!

The city of Ninjago is constantly under attack from the forces of evil, and only the brave young ninja, the guardian of the metropolis, can stop destruction and conquest. In a kind of full-bodied (and detailed) tutorial, we’ll face the first wave of enemies practicing all kinds of mechanics we’ll use during our adventures. It will be accompanied by environmental puzzles, aerial duels and combat sessions. Us. Simply put us throughout the narrative arc.

This prologue also provides some additional information about the plot. We find ourselves in the role of Lloyd, son of Lord Garmadon, the protagonist of the series and the villain of the moment. His father was guilty of ruining his life. After a particularly intense and violent confrontation, the young ninja realizes he faces a threat too great (and incredibly ridiculous to us), and forces him to flee and lose his first battle with Lord Garmandon. From that moment on, thanks to the help of Sensei Wu (one of the playable characters), a series of events cause the ninja to leave the city and embark on a journey to understand just how real power really is. am. It’s at the heart of it, and it’s not a futuristic machine we can control to destroy our enemies.

As easy as playing with LEGO

The game never sheds light on playfulness or any specific idea of ​​level design, and thanks to the solidity it has gained from years of experience in the development studio; you can play on your own.

In the first few hours, we’ll discover almost everything we need to test and launch, simply by changing locations and narrative segments. However, it is noteworthy that the city of chaos, through snow-capped mountains, rainforests and tribal villages, attempts to resort to different scenarios to renew the experience. This diversity also provides an opportunity to experiment with some alternative little puzzles that take into account climatic and natural differences.

The combat system is extremely simplistic, but far from complete, and apart from the script’s parody and humorous tone, it’s certainly a clear and unmistakable symptom of a young subject. An intermediate mix between QTE and more traditional combat systems allows you to create particularly epic sequences based on aerial confrontations and devastating strikes.

Each character has specific weapons that change their fighting style from the spear to bow, which also gives them the possibility to use specific abilities that are only exploited in specific situations. For example, it can break down very thick barriers. Tricks without levers can only be operated with Cole’s hammer and only with Kai’s twin swords.

What has been said about the combat system can be repeated for the puzzle, and it’s easier to disarm and more exciting from a comical and visual point of view than from a strictly playful point of view.

In the same way, the main plot’s missions are developed along a fairly hard track until you get out of the limits of linearity in “free search” mode. To perfectionists LEGO Ninjago Minifigures best option. In fact, the game is literally full of secondary clothing and collectibles, which can be purchased or obtained through dozens of different activities.

Defeating a certain number of enemies or breaking some records in “Parkour” races grants access to certain secret areas, enriching the experience period. Among the many optional quests, the dojos on different maps are worth mentioning, and each dojo has a dedicated point challenge, so you can earn coins and rewards to unlock outfits and reach new highs.

Finally, an explanation of the merits of game cinematics, which are always overrated, appreciated and often parody and humorous, even for a slightly larger adult audience, as the entire LEGO brand has become accustomed to us in both movie versions and video games. The same goes for seasoned conversations and fun little surprises as the developer’s progress through the process. In fact, we can find sleeping characters or enemies for fishing during combat, but the physics of the world will make the game of the game pleasantly bend to the absurd laws of myth lego universe.

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