iOS Apps You Need to Download in 2022!

iOS Apps You Need to Download in 2022!

2 million: that’s the approx. number of apps hosted on the App Store. If you’re an iPhone user, you already know the struggle of choosing the apps you should install on your phone. Your smartphone can turn into a full-fledged tool thanks to the brilliant apps you can find on the App Store. The only problem is finding the right apps to download and let’s be honest, you don’t have that kind of time on your hands. This is why we’re here to help you find the hidden gems that deserve a spot on your iPhone. 

We’ve covered a variety of categories – from social networking and photo editing apps to fitness and management apps – you can find them all in this article. Keep reading to discover the apps you’re mission out on!


If you’re a social butterfly, or even not, you have important notifications, tweets, emails, and alerts from important people you don’t want to miss out on. And these important notifications, tweets emails, and alerts are not highlighted in chronological order in your notification Centre. Which is why Cloze is the perfect iPhone app that collects all your important notifications, posts, tweets, emails, and more and organizes them based on importance and relevancy. You just need good cable or fiber internet speeds to stay connected to the latest updates and you will never miss out on important insights and relevant news about people in your network anymore with this app by your side.

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Have a hard time tracking your calorie intake throughout the day? Worry no more when you have MyFitnessPal by your side. The free calorie counter and exercise tracker app will make achieving your fitness or weight goals a breeze. With its expansive food and nutrition database and a simple and interactive interface design, keeping track of your calorie intake in alignment with your fitness and weight goals is easier than ever!

Apple iMovie

If you love recording videos and making films from snaps and clips, Apple’s mobile video-editing app is the perfect pick for you. It offers a bunch of features to make your video editing experience as smooth as possible. From filters and free frames to adding background music, titles, and trimming, this free video editing app has it all. 


While photo editing apps come in handy to edit photos after they’re taken, ProCamera focuses on shooting the perfect shot right then. The DSLR-like interface allows the photographer in you to take the perfect shot with options to change the shutter speed, ISO, exposure value (EV), white balance, and more! It also features a stabling option to capture the perfect photo from the perfect angle and distance. This brilliant photo-taking and editing app deserves a spot on your list if you’re a beginner at photography and don’t have a professional camera. 


Mint is a financial management app that keeps track of all your incoming and outgoing expenses by connecting to your bank accounts. It collects important financial insights and returns a report that highlights your expenditure and budget goals and whether you’re sticking to the budgeting plan or not. If you’re someone who struggles with managing money, download Mint right now!


Asana is an incredibly handy collaboration tool loved by many. Not only does it connect colleagues, management, and staff with ongoing projects, tasks, and deadlines, it also notifies the user about any status changes, task updates, and new tasks and projects added. Users can attach documents, files, images from their phone directly and always be updated on the go, even without wifi. It syncs the updates once you’re reconnected to the platform. Many companies and hotshots love using Asana because of its clean and interactive interface and feature set. 

To Wrap It Up

If you’ve recently bought an iPhone, switched to a new one, or simply looking for new apps to use this year, you’ve come to the right place looking for help. This brief guide highlights the top 6 apps from different categories that surely deserve a spot on your phone. The addition of the right apps can simplify your lives significantly and we hope these 6 apps certainly prove that right. Just download these top 6 apps easily with Hargray Internet and make your life easier!

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