IFVOD TV: Best Chinese app for watching shows and movies

IFVOD TV: Best Chinese app for watching shows and movies

The IFVOD TV application for Android is a streaming service for watching Chinese video content. A wide range of HD and 4K quality content is available for both entertainment and education. The application, released by Chinese company iFeng in 2014, has already received more than 4 million downloads on Google Play and the App Store. If you have watched TV or movies on your Android device, you have probably heard of this TV. 

This TV app provides users with access to TV channels and movies in their native language. Using this program, you will be able to access China’s most popular TV channels. You can always watch your favorite TV shows, sports news, and series on your phone or tablet. There is no need for powerful hardware to run the application, as it takes up not much memory on the device. The only thing you need to do is install it and use it. All of your favorite content is at your fingertips, round-the-clock, and anywhere. In most videos, you will find high-definition content – do not miss anything.

IFVOD: What Is It?

IFVOD is an Android and iOS application that provides access to a large library of movies and TV shows. Many popular titles are included, as well as many unique options. Most of them have English subtitles, so people who don’t speak Chinese can enjoy them. Whether you wish to watch one movie or subscribe every month, you can use the application on a daily ticket or subscription basis. Even if you don’t have WiFi at home or are on a budget, you can download content for your movies!

Payment options for subscriptions include PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. A desktop application is also available for those who wish to stream from their computers as well as their phones and tablets. In total, it has more than 50 million registered users on all platforms (Android / iOS / PC), with over 400 million downloads.

Engineers need IFVOD TV Apk so that it is easier for mechanical men to watch TV on their gadgets. As the application is customized for top-quality, chic, and extremely portable work, no real expectations are set in this area. Provide support software bundles with devices that require little RAM and CPU and take up the least amount of space on the device. A client simply enters the menu and pieces together the list of channels that use standard controls and voice as shift channels.

The IFVOD app: How to use it?

The IFVOD app is a great application that has hundreds of hours of free and premium entertainment to offer its users. IFVOD requires an Android device. Please make sure you have a version of Google Play of at least 2.3 or later before installing the application outside China. 

When you download IFVOD, you will be presented with a variety of options, including movies, TV shows, news programs, and even interactive games! You can always find a new game on IFVOD every day if you feel tired or need something new. It’s easy to use; just make sure you save enough time so you don’t miss anything!

Why does it work?

The TV APP was one of many amazing projects that were developed. The simple design and high-quality user interface make it easy to use on your phone. There is a television app on the Google Play store, which was developed by a team of skilled developers and is regularly updated.

It does not contain any annoying ads or pop-up windows, which is a handy and convenient feature. It’s a waste of time to download apps from the Google Play store if you don’t want to spend time downloading movies or television shows.

By using this TV apk 2018, you will be able to get all episodes of your favorite shows within minutes. There are many applications that give the impression that they offer premium content for free, but in reality, they will eventually ask for payment. Don’t fall victim to con artists! There is no charge for using the program.

Moreover, there is no need to pay anything because the system operates faultlessly without any monetary costs. Spend as much as you can afford without worrying about going over budget.

Is IFVOD compatible with smartphones?

IFVOD has very few competitors, even though there are many programs that offer similar services. Android devices (such as smart TVs) can use this application to access a wide range of international media. The service offers more content than Netflix and Hulu combined. 

Information about the content and profile

There is a selection of the most popular videos on the main page of the application. Besides watching them, users can also participate in discussions. Registration and account creation is required for this. You can get VIP status by creating a profile on this platform. There is a vast selection of the latest and most popular movies and series available on the site. Voices and dubbing were done in Chinese. You can find the most interesting content in the Favorites tab.

Sharing content with others: how to do it?

Android has easy-to-use apps for sharing content if you know what you’re doing. An easy way to do this is with an app called Pushbullet, which you can download from Google Play and use to push your screen from your phone to  Watch things happen automatically on another device (like a computer or tablet). It’s up to you to send content between devices once Pushbullet has been set up. 

Are there any resolution and quality options available?

There are a number of different screen resolutions ranging from 480p (standard definition) all the way up to 2160p (4K Ultra High Definition). The resolution can be adjusted for some streaming apps based on the preferences of the user.

IFVOD TV: What exactly is it, and how can you use it? - Crestexa

If you prefer subtitles, most apps allow you to select whether they are available, and what languages they should be in. With some apps, you can stream 4K content to a 4K UHD TV if it supports 4K streaming. In most cases, your video stream is automatically compressed to fit your Internet speed and device capabilities.


There is also a section where you can watch Chinese TV channels. In this section, you will find news, sports, entertainment, and kids’ programs. By using the search bar, you can find content by title.

Having the opportunity

Using instant messengers and social networks, users can share interesting videos. It is possible to watch TV and movies with a video player. There are two modes of operation: landscape and portrait.

Furthermore, the application provides a section with useful information and answers to frequently asked questions. All sections, folders, and settings can also be accessed from the main menu.

Specific features of IFVOD TV

  • It primarily targets all Chinese users.
  • A wide variety of movies, series, and TV channels can be found on Oreo TV.
  • You can take part in discussions;
  • You can download and use the app for free.
  • The app is compatible with the current Android version.
  • Series in HD, Full HD, and 4K video resolutions are available depending on the content.
  • There are more than 1000 Chinese TV series available in one click. Stay up-to-date with your favorite shows or watch all episodes at once.
  • This application offers the latest news in the fields of politics, sports, science, and art. A live broadcast without delay.
  • You can view content in this application for free. There are some features that require registration.
  • By using this, you can save a lot of money on advanced TVs.
  • By using this TV Apk application, clients are able to watch all episodes without missing a single one.
  • The majority of Chinese HD stations, including CCTV and satellite, broadcast in sync with 900+ HD programs in Chinese.
  • These TV programs come with HD and 1080p hotspots.
  • There will be no deferral for Chinese TV Live.
  • Copyright Pirate allows you to watch live TV channels.
  • The Ifvod TV Apk allows you to watch live news

IFVOD TV Apk: how to download?

  1. The first step is to uninstall the first version of the Apk.
  2. You can then download the mod APK by clicking the download button.
  3. To enable obscure sources, go to your device’s settings.
  4. Back in your download region, click “Introduce” in the installer.
  5. It will be an immersion cycle for your establishment.
  6. Once introduced, open the application, and play what you like.
  7. Android users can download and start using the Ifvod TV Apk by going to the Play Store Entertainment section. 

What is the process for installing IFVOD on an Android box? 

The app can be downloaded from the app store and installed on your device. It only takes three minutes to transfer if Android is preinstalled on your device. You’ll soon be watching TV!

Is it possible to install IFVOD on a TV box?

The first step is to choose a device that supports IFVOD. You can contact your local store or customer service directly if you’re not sure which device you have. Here are the steps to follow once you have made your selection: 

Download the Google Play APK Downloader or another source and install it. 

Once you open your APK Downloader, search for IFVOD (find results from official sites), install IFVOD and run it on your device. 

Your TV will need a reliable internet connection to stream IFVOD content.

What is the offline download feature?

Having a colorful internet connection or sitting on a plane can make watching movies difficult. IFVOD can help you if that’s the case. The IFVOD app has an offline mode that lets users watch videos without an Internet connection, just like Netflix and Hulu Plus. The process is as follows.

You will first need to download the title from the IFVOD app for Android. 

Simply click on the image you prefer. Once the download is complete (which takes about 10 seconds), you can immediately begin browsing!

The second step is to go to settings. In the IFVOD app, you can see this by clicking on your avatar in the right corner.

You can then download the queue by clicking on settings. By clicking the Save Video to Watch Offline button, you can choose which titles you wish to keep offline. The maximum number of titles you can store at once is 100, but if you plan ahead, that should be a lot! Make sure you have enough space before saving too many videos at once; saving video takes up to 500 MB of space per hour saved. 

Videos can be played from the app on certain devices

The Android phone, the Android TV, and Amazon Fire Stick or TV, there are currently Android phones (Android 4.0 and higher), Android TVs (Android 4.2 and higher), and Amazon Fire Sticks / TVs (Fire OS 5 and higher) that are compatible with the app. Some users, however, cannot use IFVOD because they do not have a tool that supports it. What should they do? You just need to buy a cheap phone or tablet!

Android Go and Redmi 5A, which have a price tag of about $100 in China, are recommended by experts. It is also important to note that these utility applications can run on a computer with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM.

Is this app capable of playing several videos at once?

It is possible to stream more than one video at a time if you have a subscription and an internet connection. Depending on your computer’s CPU power, you may be able to watch several episodes at once. Watch the videos on one device so that you don’t overload your Internet connection.

In other words, there is no limit to how many times your videos can start and stop. It is also important to note that if one device is stopped, the other will be affected as well. It doesn’t affect anything if both devices aren’t playing your subscription. A multi-video stream should be possible because of this.

What is the process for installing IFvod TV on Android?

For Android devices, you must download and install the IFvod TV .apk file. The file needs to be opened once it has been downloaded. In case the Android system asks for permission to install from an unknown source, accept it. The application is automatically protected if it is not installed from the Google Play Store. After a few seconds, the application will be installed on your device.

IFvod TV APK’s advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Download the Free IFvod TV APK for Android file in advance to take advantage of the updated and exciting features that have been added to this app.
  2. The latest updates are available from Google if you use APK files. When you download the APK files, it won’t take as long to get there, but it will still take some time.
  3. If you cannot access the Google Play Store for some reason, you must use APK files to download and install your programs.
  4. It is possible for you to download programs that are prohibited in your area.
  5. By downloading and installing the appropriate APK files, you can stay up-to-date even before the general public has access to the latest updates.


  1. You should know that the firm responsible for creating the original APK was not responsible for creating the modified version. In order to do this, most programmers (hackers) believe it is simple to implant a virus.
  2. Google Play Store applications that have been modified cannot be downloaded. Google warns its users not to download software from “unknown sources.”
  3. Developers’ hard work comes to waste. Your goal should be to help them make money from their app since it will probably be their only source of revenue.

Is it legal to use ifvod?

What Is IFVOD TV and How to Use It? - Streaming Platform

As of now, there is some uncertainty regarding ifvod’s legal status. It is possible that the application violates copyright rules because users can access premium video content without paying a subscription fee.

Some countries, however, allow users to use content that they already subscribe to through their cable subscriptions without any legal risks. In other words, cable subscriptions give users access to content that they already own.

The legality of apps, like ifvod, is subject to change over time and varies from country to country. Before using a service like this, you should do your research beforehand.

When using a recipe in Australia, you could run into issues with Australia’s copyright legislation (depending on the source of the content). However, if you are able to access Canadian networks, you can enjoy a truly exceptional experience. 

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