Black Suit With Blue Tie

Black Suit With Blue Tie: Is it Suitable?

You’ll learn about pairing a black suit with blue tie, as well as other shirts or accessories you can wear with this outfit. Black suits are timeless, they can be worn with anything and anywhere.

Due to their versatility and adaptability, almost any color works with them, but this is also the reason for the confusion among men, as they cannot decide what color combinations go with black suits.

It can be difficult to choose the right ties, shirts, and pocket squares, so most men stick to a simple white shirt and black tie.

Is it possible to wear a black suit with blue tie?

Yes, It is possible to wear a blue tie with your black suit. You can wear just about any color tie with a black suit as long as you choose the right one.

Indeed, blue color works well with black, but not all shades of blue will look great with your black suit.

To pull off this look, picking the right tie is very important, choosing the wrong shade or pattern can ruin your whole look.

When choosing a blue tie to wear with your black suit, keep these things in mind!


Choosing the right blue shade is crucial to pulling off this look.

Here, you should stay away from colors that are too vibrant or bright and choose darker shades or shades that look a little dull instead.

If you choose blue, you can go with light shades but not bright shades, so you’ll have to look for pale shades or you can choose darker shades like navy blue.


If we are going with dull shades, you might want to consider ties that have some patterns on them.

A tie with a good pattern adds a little flair to a simple outfit like a black suit.

If you want to keep it simple, stick with a solid blue tie, but if you want to stand out, go for a tie with some pattern.

There are endless possibilities for patterns, from simple polka dots to stripes to florals, as long as they don’t have too many colors.

Keep in mind that the pattern should not contain colors that go well with blue or black, so you can’t wear a blue tie with yellow spots. You should look for a tie with subtle patterns made from the blue color itself, or you can also opt for some neutral patterns such as black, white, or grey.


Lastly, consider the fabric of the tie when picking a blue tie for your black suit.

You don’t have to be an expert to do this, just make sure the fabric isn’t too shiny.

If it has a little sheen to it, that is okay, but it shouldn’t be too shiny. Typically, shiny ties are available at cheap rates, but you should avoid them because they do not complement black suits.

What color shirt goes with a blue tie and black suit?

When wearing a blue tie with a black suit, you should wear a light-colored shirt in the lightest shade as possible.

Simple white shirts are the safest option, but light blue and light pink shirts are also good options.

Colors other than blue, especially in darker shades, would be difficult to match with a blue tie, so I suggest avoiding them.


With a black suit, you can pair a blue tie, but you need to pick the right tie it doesn’t go well with all shirts, so pick a shirt that goes well with the tie, and with the help of the tips given above, you’ll be able to pull off this look with no problem.

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